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Quick links to most John_Betong's sites to see if they work OK :) 2018-05-26
Welcome to John_Betong's new Linode Server
https://Alibaba-test.tk 2018-05-26
John_Betong's Htaccess Redirection Tests
https://AmpHtmlDemo.tk 2018-05-26
CodeIgniter: 4.00-dev
Amp Page maker
https://www.anetizer.com 2018-05-26
CodeIgniter: 4.00-dev
https://connect-learning.tk 2018-05-26
CodeIgniter 4.00-dev
ALL 200
https://DasaBookCafe.tk 2018-05-27
PHP 7.2 using Excel SpreadSheet and Ajax Live Search
https://JB-Python.tk 2018-05-27
Python requires reinstalling and to be setup
https://John-Betong.tk 2018-05-26
Missing: StarWars, HexBox, Img-Svg-Chart
https://johns-jokes.cf 2018-05-26
Diagonal SVG Menu system
https://www.johns-jokes.com 2018-05-26
CodeIgniter 3.19
http://peacevase.tk 2019-06-14
Hopefully a Golang driven site
https://supiet.tk 2018-05-26
PHP 7.2
AmbaSense IOT Sensor and Gateway monitoring
With Google Charts
https://supiet2.tk 2018-05-26
PHP 7.2
John_Betong's URL Tester: 11:11:01
https://this-is-a-test-to-see-if-it-works.tk 2018-05-26
https://thisisatesttoseeifitworks.tk 2018-05-26
PHP 7.2
AmpProject - AmbaSense.com's Home Page
ALL 200


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